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in Racist Jokes
+106 -171

A kind-hearted German, a brave Frenchman, a thin American, a Chinese man with distinct facial features and an African man with a small c*ck walk into a bar and a Jew says, “Drinks are on me”.


in Dirty Jokes, Disabled Jokes
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My doctor told me last week that I don’t eat enough vegetables so I’ve now started dating a girl who has down syndrome.

Long Face

in Animal Jokes
+28 -97

A horse walks into a bar. The bartender asks, “Why the long face?”. The horse turns to him and says, “My wife is dying of terminal cancer.”

Wouldn’t Mind

in Pick Up Lines
+18 -89

Wow you’re so good looking I wouldn’t mind if you gave me Aids.


in Political Jokes, Religious Jokes
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A Muslim walks into a bar.

Lots of people get killed.


in General Jokes
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Q. How do you get bubblegum out of your hair?
A. Cancer.