Best Short Jokes This Year

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Ginger Son

in Racist Jokes
+200 -82

My wife told me to get our ginger son ready for his first day at school.

So I punched him in the face and stole his dinner money.


in Relationship Jokes
+109 -36

My wife wanted something that goes from 0 to 100 in a  few seconds for valentines day so I got her a weighing scale .


in General Jokes
+87 -20

The following conversation happened after calling the police.

Police: What’s your emergency?
Me: Two girls are fighting over me.
Police: OK and what’s the problem?
Me: The fat one is winning!


in Dirty Jokes
+86 -29

Just Googled “Gary Oldman” and some pretty disturbing images came up…
Then I realised I’d left the “R” out.


in Dirty Jokes
+92 -36

Today I did that thing where you walk into a room and totally forgot what you went in for. It was only when the shit started running down my leg that I remembered


in Animal Jokes
+78 -30

Last night a thief broke into my house and started looking for money so i woke up and joined him.