Best Short Jokes This Year

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in Dirty Jokes
+144 -39

Is “buttcheeks” one word?
Or should I spread them apart?

Valentines Present

in Relationship Jokes
+92 -26

My wife asked me, “What did you buy me for valentines day?”
“Well,” I chuckled. “You see that pink Mercedes over there?”
“Yes,” she said happily.
“Well I bought you a toothbrush the same colour.”


in Dirty Jokes
+82 -36

They told me to wear a mask and gloves when going to the store.

They lied… Everyone else had clothes on.

Weighing Scale

in General Jokes
+77 -37

Stepped on my weighing scale this morning and it said:

“Please use social distancing, one person at a time”.

Short People

in General Jokes
+52 -16

You gotta hand it to short people….

Mainly because they can’t reach.

The World

in Racist Jokes, Religious Jokes
+83 -52

When God created the world he made everyone different but he became tired when he got to the Chinese.