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Irish Schools

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The Irish government has recently announced that they are going to save money on lollipop men and women by moving schools to the other side of the road.


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My mum walked in on me masterbating the other day. I told her “mum, stop masterbating!!”

Money Saving Tips

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Don’t waste money on an electric toothbrush. Simply sellotape a manual toothbrush to your iPhone and set it to vibrate, then get your mum to call you every time you need to brush your teeth.

Inappropriate Jokes

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Found out recently that I have a disease which causes me to say inappropriate jokes, caught it from a faggy n*gger!


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In the 1990s if you photographed your breakfast, developed the photo and then showed it to all your friends people would think you were a mental c*nt!

Dwarf Friend

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My dwarf friend committed suicide recently… He jumped off a curb.