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I’ve decided to dedicate my life to getting prostitutes off the streets.

Usually for an hour or so each time.

Dentist Time

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Q: What is a good time to go to the dentist?
A: Thooth hurty


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1 slice of apple pie:

Jamaica $4.50
Bahamas $6.50
Aruba $3.50
Cayman Islands $10.50

These are the real pie rates of the Caribbean.

School Lesson

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The following conversation took place in a school lesson.

Teacher: So kids what jobs do your parents have?
Simon: My dad is a baker.
Teacher: Very good Simon, anyone else?
Johnny: My dad runs the local prison!!
Teacher: That’s great, is he a prison warden?
Johnny: No he’s just the hardest c*nt in there!!


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Donald Trump went into hospital recently for a circumcision operation.
The doctor said “Sorry I can’t go through with this. It’s too dangerous because Donald is a total dick”.