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Mold Pickup Line

in Pick Up Lines
+2 -0

Are you mold?? Because you’re growing on me.

New Presidential Oath

in Political Jokes
+3 -10

I do bigly swear that I will grab the office of president of the United States by the pussy, screw you brown people!!

Video Camera

in Racist Jokes
+23 -5

Q. What do you call a Chinese person with a video camera?
A. Phil Ming

Childs Book

in Surreal Jokes
+7 -14

If a child can read then doesn’t that make every book a child’s book?

Jaw Problems

in Relationship Jokes
+18 -12

Last night my wife told me she doesn’t like giving bl*wjobs because her jaw starts to hurt. Seems to work fine when she talks for hours on end.

New Haircut

in Relationship Jokes
+11 -7

Can’t believe how much my girlfriend is crying about her new haircut. Its much worse for me, I’m the one who’s gonna have to find a new girlfriend now.