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I’ve got the memory of an elephant. I went to the zoo once and saw an elephant.


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Scientists have just discovered the ultimate vaccine for killing Covid19.

It’s called ‘Chuck Norris’, he can kill anything, any place any time.

Girlfriends Dog

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My girlfriend’s dog died recently so I decided to get her an identical one. She was really angry, she said “what am I gonna do with 2 dead dogs?”


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Just seen a sign for the Samaritans on the back of a bus. Surely it would be more useful on the front.

Fun Fact

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Did you know there are twice as many testicles in the world as penises?

Science Discovery

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Scientists have just discovered a double cure for Covid19 and global warming… It’s called suicide. Ropes will now be posted to every household for usage within the next 10 days.