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Cold pick-up line

in Pick Up Lines
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Brr, its cold today! Can I warm my hands with your heaving breasts?

Bitcoin Mining

in Political Jokes
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Tried to do some bitcoin mining last night, I now have a pickaxe stuck in my PC.


in General Jokes
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My cooking is awful.

Does anyone know how much vodka you’re supposed to add to cheese-on-toast?


in Religious Jokes
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Just had some people knock on my door trying to convince me that ‘brown bread’ is better than ‘white bread’.

They told me they were hovis witness.


in Relationship Jokes
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The following conversations took place between a girlfriend and boyfriend.

Girl: Do you think I’m pretty or ugly?
Boy: You’re both!
Girl: What do you mean?
Boy: You’re pretty ugly


in General Jokes
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I once went on a date with a girl and I had to tell her that she drew her eyebrows to high… she looked surprised.