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My granddad used to be in the army until he ate all the rations.
He was shot for desserting.


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For those worried about Alexa listening to your conversations Amazon are now releasing a male version called Alex who ignores everything you say.

Fat Lass

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I was talking to a fat lass with huge tits last night.

“My eyes are up here…” I said, as she looked down at the kebab in my hand.


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Why do you have to use underwear in Ukrain?

Cause chernobyl fall out.


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Went to the gym last night and lost 4 stones in one day.

I accidentally ripped my leg off on the squat machine.

Crime Book

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Crimewatch have released their first book, it has the 50 most wanted criminals in Britain in it.

It’s called “50 shades of black”