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Q. What do you call a Jewish girls boobs?
A. Joobs.

Ferrari Pick Up Line

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Q. Whats the difference between a Ferrari and a boner?

A. I don’t have a Ferrari.

Real Doctor

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Patient: Doctor, my legs hurts when I move it
Doctor: Then do not move it, simple as that.
Patient: Okay…. my stomach hurts when i eat too.
Doctor: Then don’t eat.
Patient: Wow….lastly, my lungs hurt when I breathe. LET ME GUESS. DON’T BREATHE?
Doctor: Um.. No. You have lung cancer and you’re going to die in 3 days.

Asian friend

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Just found out my Asian friend died last week…
So Yung.


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The bible has over 1,000 pages. In my opinion there only needs to be 1 page and it should say “DON’T BE A CUNT!” in large font.