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French Fries

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Found out today that some of the most famous French food doesn’t even come from France. Apparently French fries are actually cooked in Greece?


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Scientific survey found out recently that 6 out of 7 dwarves are not happy.


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Trump has announced that recent airstrikes were a great success. After reducing large parts of Syria to rubble people living in Detroit now feel slightly less jealous of Syrians.


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The following conversation took place is school classroom.

Teacher: Ok Jimmy If you have two apples and your uncle gives you one what would you have?
Jimmy: I’d have 2 apples and a sore ass.

Text Message

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Really hate auto-correct.

The other day I sent my friend a text message saying “Do you want to wank with me along the river?”

Really embarrassing… I meant to say ‘canal’.

French Pickup Line

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Bonjour Madam, Are you a tower??? Because Eiffel for you!