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Got stopped by a women in the street today. She said “Excuse me sir, have you had an accident in the last 3 years that wasn’t your fault? I said, “Yes, she’s nearly 3 now.”


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Just had the following conversation at McDonalds.

Me: Can I have a beer please?
Clerk: Sir this is McDonalds!
Me: Ok… Can I have a McBeer please?

Omega 3

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Just opened my kitchen cupboard and loads of Omega 3 vitamin containers fell on my head.

It’s OK though, I only have super fish oil injuries.

Google Woman

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Q. What do women and Google have in common?
A. They both can’t ever let you finish a sentence without making a suggestion.


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My wife swallowed my man yogurt this morning for the first time.

I don’t she’ll ever ask me to make her a sandwich again.


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What do you call a black hitchhiker?
An escaped convict.