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in Relationship Jokes
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My girlfriend hates when I make jokes about her weight. She needs to lighten up.

Job Interview

in General Jokes
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The following conversation took place in a job interview.

Interviewer: We’re looking for someone who is responsible, do you fit that criteria?
Me: Well in my last job when the store caught fire my boss said that I was responsible.

Thai Girl

in Dirty Jokes
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I saw a Thai girl on the train earlier today and I kept thinking to myself, don’t get an erection, don’t get an erection, don’t get an erection, but then she did.

Holiday In Spain

in Racist Jokes
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Just seen a sign while on holiday in Spain saying “English speaking doctors available”. Fantastic idea, we should have some of those in this country as well.

Heart Pickup Line

in Pick Up Lines
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Hi, i’m no organ donor but I’d happily give you my heart.

Paki in a skip

in Racist Jokes
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What do you call a Paki in a skip?