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I’ll never forget my 1st week as a defective, it was terrifying. I kept seeing ghosts at every crime scene but then I found out they actually use white blankets to cover the dead.


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Granddad finally came out of a coma last night. He’s now dead.

Children’s Charity

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A Children’s Charity knocked on my door earlier today asking for a donation to help them build a swimming pool so I gave them a bucket of water.


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The following conversation took place between a husband and wife.

Wife: Tell me something that will make me wet.
Husband: Go outside, it’s raining.

Great Prank

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Just did a great prank on my Grandma, I replaced all her sugar with cocaine.


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Just had the following conversation in a job interview.

Interviewer: Describe yourself in 1 word.
Me: Hired.
2nd Interviewer: Can he do that?