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Yesterday I asked my wife what she wanted for her upcoming birthday and she told me she wants something with a lot of diamonds. I hope she likes the pack of playing cards I got her.

Earthquake Pick Up Line

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Wooh wooh did an earthquake just happen or did you just rock my world?


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The following conversation took place in a library.

Customer: Hi, I’m looking for the new book by Dr Schultz about small penises.
Librarian: Sorry, I don’t think it’s in yet.
Customer: Yes, that’s the one!!


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My girlfriend just told me she has a STD…
I think I’m Gonorrhoea-valuate our relationship

Funny Ebay Advert

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#### Parachute For Sale ####

One parachute for sale. Only ever used once, never opened, has some red stains.

Cruise Ship

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Q. Why do you not see any black people on cruise ships?
A. They’re not falling for that one again.