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Fat Ex-Girlfriend

in Animal Jokes, Relationship Jokes
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My fat ex-girlfriend recently got a t-shirt saying, ‘I’m a maneater’…
I told her that’s not how you spell manatee!


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I used to work for a Jewish carpenter.

He used to check my fingers for splinters to make sure I wasn’t stealing.


in Relationship Jokes
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My wife said I was rude for yawning when she was shouting at me.

I told her I wasn’t yawning, I was just trying to speak.

Skin Road

in Dirty Jokes
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If I ever got the chance to name a Road, I’d call it ‘Skin Road’

Just so I could laugh at the people who live at number 4.

Bowel Problems

in Racist Jokes
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33% of Irish People have bowel problems and only go to the toilet once per week….

That’s One Turd.