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Booster Time

in Political Jokes
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What do the vaxxed and non-vaxxed have in common? Neither will ever be fully vaxxed!


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I don’t understand why banks get so upset when you can’t repay a loan.

They already knew I had no money when I came to borrow the money.

Morning Coffee

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By replacing your morning coffee with green tea you can replace 87% of the joy you have left in your life.


in Surreal Jokes
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Why did NASA invent non-stick frying pans? Everything floats in space so having your sausage not stick and float out of the pan doesn’t make any sense.

Jack and Jill

in Dirty Jokes
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Jack and Jill went up the hill so jack could taste Jill’s candy but jack got a shock and a mouth full of cock cuz Jill’s real name was randy


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I used to work for Greggs but I quit in the end. The place was full of fruitcakes.