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I cant believe some people. You give someone a sincere compliment on their mustache and then suddenly she’s not friends with you any more.


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What is the difference between a job and a dead prostitute?
A job still sucks.


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The following conversation took place between a dad and his son while in the bath.

Son: Daddy why is my willy different to yours?
Dad: Yours isn’t erect son!

Career Advice

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If you want a promotion walk into your office and shout “Vodka, tequila, sambuca!” at the top of your voice.

This will make you the person who calls the shots.

Thesaurus Club

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First rule of Thesaurus Club…

You don’t talk, converse, discuss, speak, chat, deliberate, confer, gab, gossip or natter about Thesaurus Club.

Charity Event

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Hi guys,

I’m organising a charity event for people who struggle to orgazm.

If you can’t come please send an email to [email protected]