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Different Girl

in General Jokes
+5 -3

I manage to bring a different girl home every weekend. It’s getting quite crowded in my basement.


in Relationship Jokes
+3 -1

My favourite text message to send to the wife when I’m out drinking at the bar.

“I’ll be home in 5 minutes… If not… read this again!!”

Phone Fun

in Relationship Jokes
+4 -8

My girlfriend said, “Fancy a bit of phone fun tonight?” I said, “Yeah, definitely. Let’s call your mum and tell her you’ve died.”

Chicken Salad

in Animal Jokes
+4 -5

I made a chicken salad today. Cheeky b*stard didn’t even eat it.

Knock Knock

in Disabled Jokes
+4 -10

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Dave who?
*Dave holds back tears as he realises his mother’s Alzheimers is getting worse.*


in Relationship Jokes
+5 -8

I like to have my steak cooked the same way I like sex with my wife… Rare.