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Both Hands

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Q. What do you call someone who can masterbait with both hands?
A. Ambijerkstress

Going Out

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The following conversation took place between a wife and husband on a Saturday night.

Husband: “Get your coat I’m going down the pub.”
Wife: “It’s about time you took me out for a drink somewhere.”
Husband: “F*ck off, you’re staying here. I was just gonna turn off the central heating to save money.”

Art Class

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Did you hear about the art class that was robbed today? The police still haven’t been able to catch the thief but they have 22 sketches of his face.


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Q. What do Nike and the KKK have in common?
A. They both make black guys run faster.

Dangerous World

in Political Jokes

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Can’t believe what a dangerous place the world has become recently. Just the other day I went into the toilets of a McDonalds and headbutted someone.