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Glasses Pick Up Line

in Pick Up Lines
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Man: Hi, you look great without glasses
Woman: I don’t wear glasses
Man: I do *Put glasses back on*

National Orgasm Day

in Dirty Jokes
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Tomorrow is national orgasm day. Are you coming?


in General Jokes
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I’ve been sober now for 100 days. Not in a row just over the past 4 years.

Voodoo Doll

in Animal Jokes
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Just made a voodoo doll of my dog so now I can rub its belly while I’m at work.

Lamb Chops

in Animal Jokes
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My parents made a fortune from selling lamb chops.

They’re minted.


in General Jokes
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Was playing charades last night and my uncle suffered a stroke! Unfortunately it took quite a while to phone an ambulance because we were all shouting “Sylvester Stallone! Sylvester Stallone!”