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Dyslexic Hallooween

in Disabled Jokes
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Q. Why do dyslexic kids get fish on Halloween?

A. Because they go trick or trouting.

Cat Food

in Animal Jokes
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Cat food shouldn’t include beef or tuna. They’re too big for cats to eat in the wild. It should only be made of mice, birds and dead pensioners.

Joe Biden Cock

in Political Jokes
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Joe Biden found out today he has Parkinsons. Coincidentally he also made the decision to permanently glue his hand to his cock.

Serial KIller pickup

in General Jokes
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Picked up a hitch-hiker the other day, the guy said to me ” I’m glad you stopped, but you do know i could be a serial killer” i said, “what’s the chances of two serial killers in one car”

Booster Time

in Political Jokes
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What do the vaxxed and non-vaxxed have in common? Neither will ever be fully vaxxed!


in General Jokes
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I don’t understand why banks get so upset when you can’t repay a loan.

They already knew I had no money when I came to borrow the money.