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Man’s Best Friend

in Animal Jokes
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People say dogs are loyal and man’s best friend but I think cats are more loyal than dogs. A cat has never ratted on anyone for having drugs.

L’Oreal Pick Up Line

in Pick Up Lines
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Is you’re name L’Oreal? Because you’re worth it.

Star Sign

in Surreal Jokes
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My wife’s star sign was cancer and it’s quite ironic how she died really…

She was killed by an angry goat.

Duck Fart

in Animal Jokes
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Q. How does a duck fart?

A. Through his arsequack.

World Cup Win

in Sports Jokes
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France won the world cup yesterday in impressive fashion.

It’s amazing what you can achieve with only 70 million Frenchmen, 500 million Africans, a corrupt referee and corrupt VAR.


in Disabled Jokes
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My insomnia is terrible at the moment. On the plus side only 3 more sleeps till Christmas.