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Windows Password Pickup

in Pick Up Lines
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Hi, last night my computer wouldn’t allow me to reset my windows password because it needed numbers. Can I have your number?


in Relationship Jokes
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This morning my wife asked me where i want to be buried.

Apparently “balls deep in your sister” wasn’t the right answer.

Martial Arts

in General Jokes
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What do you call a ginger kid who’s good at martial arts?
The Carroty Kid


in General Jokes
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My friend Gav died from heartburn this morning.

I can’t believe Gaviscon.


in Disabled Jokes
+6 -9

My psychologist told me this morning that they have now found a cure for dyslexia. It was like music to my arse.


in Racist Jokes
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How do you starve a black person?

Hide their welfare check under their work boots.