Best Short Jokes This Month

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Bored Housewife

in Dirty Jokes
+22 -10

Got an email from a bored housewife the other day looking for ‘some action’ so I decided to send her some of my ironing to keep her busy.


in Dirty Jokes
+17 -9

My lesbian next door neighbors just gave me a Rolex for my birthday.

I really like it but I think they misunderstood when I said “I wanna watch”.


in General Jokes
+20 -13

I heard if you drink every day that means your an alcoholic so I now only drink at night.

Fat People

in General Jokes
+14 -10

Saw 2 fat people talking earlier today. It was a HEAVY discussion!


in General Jokes
+12 -9

My new business on Ebay is a great success. Just sold my homing pigeons for the 17th time in a row!

Text Messages

in Relationship Jokes
+14 -12

The following text messages were exchanged between a boyfriend and girlfriend.

GF: nose
GF: I just typed “nose” with my nose!
BF: penis