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The following conversation took place between a couple at the cinema.

Girlfriend: I think the guy next to me is jerking off.
Boyfriend: Just ignore him.
Girlfriend: I can’t.
Boyfriend: Why?
Girlfriend: He’s using my hand.


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What did the left pussy lip say to the right pussy lip?
We used to be really tight until we let that dick come between us.

Chase My Dreams

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My parents always taught me to chase my dreams but last night the police told me that stalking women is actually illegal and if they catch me again I could be sent to jail.

Electric Chair

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The following conversation took place while a prisoner was awaiting execution by electric chair.

Priest: Do you have any last requests?
Prisoner: Yes I do, can I hold your hand?


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The following conversation took place at the supermarket while buying condoms.

Cashier: Do you want a bag for that?
Me: Thanks for the compliment but I think the condoms should be big enough.

Cruise Ship

in Racist Jokes
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Q. Why do you not see any black people on cruise ships?
A. They’re not falling for that one again.