Best Short Jokes This Month

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in Relationship Jokes
+37 -15

Did you hear about that new device that can make your car 95% quieter? It fits straight over your wife’s mouth.

Phone Pickup Line

in Pick Up Lines
+31 -17

Do you have a phone in your back pocket… because your ass is calling me.


in Animal Jokes
+28 -21

I love how all these vegans still drink water. That’s a fishes house you disgusting savages.

New Career

in Dirty Jokes
+27 -24

Just decided on my new career, I’m going to be a reverse stripper. My plan is to become really fat, get completely naked, and then force people to pay me to put my clothes back on.


in General Jokes
+17 -14

Feeling really alone today so I decided to buy some shares. It’s nice to have a bit of company.


in Yo Mama Jokes
+5 -3

Yo mama is so fat when she goes to the beach she’s the only one that gets a tan.