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in Relationship Jokes
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The following conversation took place between a husband and wife.

Wife: How many women have u slept with?
Husband: Only you darling, I was awake with the other women.

Chinese Guy

in Racist Jokes
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The following conversation took place in a bar between me and a Chinese man.

Me: Do you know martial arts like Kung fu, ju-jitsu or karate?
Chinese man: Why the fuk you ask me dat? Is it coz I Chinese?
Me: No… It’s because you’re drinking my f*cking beer!!

Come From

in Dirty Jokes
+23 -10

The following conversation took place between a dad and his young child.

Child: Dad where did I come from?
Dad: You came from a stork.
Child: Wow, you f*cked a stork?

Fedex Pickup Line

in Pick Up Lines
+15 -7

Do you work for Fedex because I could have sworn I saw you checking out my package?

Pringles Holder

in Animal Jokes
+9 -4

Just seen at idiot in my local gym putting a bottle of water into the Pringles holder on the treadmill.

Mobile Phone

in Religious Jokes
+18 -13

Q. Why does the Pope prefer to use an Android mobile phone?
A. Because God punished Adam and Eve for using Apple.