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Fun Fact

in Surreal Jokes
+16 -4

Fun fact. If humans held hands around the equator of the earth most of them would drown.


in Political Jokes
+18 -9

Heard on the news this morning that Donald Trump’s library caught fire last night. Apparently over 2,000 coloring books were destroyed.

Heaven Pickup Line

in Pick Up Lines
+25 -18

Did you fall from heaven?
… Because you remind me of Satan.

Drink Responsibly

in General Jokes
+10 -4

It says “Please drink responsibly” on the label so I guess I should probably put my seat belt on.


in General Jokes
+8 -2

If teachers really want you to follow your dreams why do you get shouted at for falling asleep in class?


in General Jokes
+7 -4

Found out last night that watching your lover sleep is only romantic if they know who you are.