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Facial Hair

in General Jokes
+24 -10

I used to hate facial hair but then it grew on me.


in Political Jokes
+20 -11

Shit I’ve survived:

Mad Cow Disease ✓
HIV Aids ✓
Sars ✓
Bird Flu ✓
Swine Flu ✓
Ebola ✓
Coronavirus (pending)


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+20 -11

Worst advice I ever got as a kid was “Eat all your food so you grow big and strong”.
After years of over-eating I’m now a fat cunt.

Fat mama

in Yo Mama Jokes
+17 -13

Yo mama is so fat, when she travels on the bus to work, she has to purchase a family fare.


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+16 -14

I haven’t seen a virus like this since pornhub destroyed my mom’s desktop in 2005.


in Dirty Jokes
+16 -15

They told me to wear a mask and gloves when going to the store.

They lied… Everyone else had clothes on.