Best Short Jokes This Month

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in Relationship Jokes
+23 -8

My dad never loved me as a child.
I can’t blame him really.
I wasn’t born until he was an adult.


in General Jokes
+20 -8

Just seen a man on a tractor shouting about the end of the world.

I think it was farmer Geddon.


in Dirty Jokes
+15 -5

I read a story in the newspaper the other day about a father who paid his daughter for sex. I was absolutely disgusted.

What kind of daughter charges her own father?


in General Jokes
+16 -8

Just been fired from my new job at the bank.

An old lady asked me to check her balance so I jumped on her back.


in Animal Jokes
+12 -8

Just bought a chinchilla.
That should hopefully keep my chin nice and cool in all this heat.


in Animal Jokes
+17 -13

Someone attacked me last night with a bat.

I was really impressed with how well he trained it.