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Valentines Present

in Relationship Jokes
+13 -3

My wife asked me, “What did you buy me for valentines day?”
“Well,” I chuckled. “You see that pink Mercedes over there?”
“Yes,” she said happily.
“Well I bought you a toothbrush the same colour.”


in Animal Jokes
+13 -13

My kids cried when I put ginger in their curry tonight. They loved that little kitten.


in Relationship Jokes
+14 -14

Decided that I am going to buy my girlfriend flowers every day in February. The girl who works in the florists is really hot.

Little Kid

in General Jokes
+8 -8

Just seen 2 men beating up a little kid so I decided to step in and help. He didn’t stand a chance against the 3 of us.


in Relationship Jokes
+4 -4

Wife’s really angry tonight complaining I never buy her flowers!

Didn’t even realise she sold flowers.


in Dirty Jokes
+14 -15

Q. What’s funnier than being raped?
A. Being raped by a clown