The Best Funny Religious Jokes

Funny short religious jokes about god and hilarious comedy that can occur. Also includes multiple Christian jokes, Muslim jokes and even jokes about Jews.


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The following conversation took place after a recently deceased Pakistani man knocked on the gates of Heaven for about 5 minutes.

St. Peter: “What do you want? ”
Pakistani man: “I’m here for Jesus.”
St. Peter: “Jesus, your taxi’s here!! “

TV Disabled

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A well known TV Evangelists is booking into a posh hotel.
He tells the duty manager, “I hope the porn channel is set to disabled”
The manager looks at him and replies, “NO, it’s REGULAR porn, you sick b*stard!”

Jehovahs Witness

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Hypocrisy – When a Jehovahs Witness doesn’t celebrate Halloween because they don’t like random people knocking on their doors.

Sense Of Humor

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Q. How do you know God has a sense of humor?
A. Because he designed mens bodies to become more stiff with age except in the place they need it.


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They used to say ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ but now most of the doctors are Muslim I find bacon works better.