The Best Funny Irish Jokes

Swap Partners

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The following conversation took place between 2 Irish men who decided to swap parters after a night of drinking.

Conor “That was a great idea swapping partners last night Paddy!”
Paddy “Yeah to be sure.. I wonder how the girls got on!”


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Are u from Ireland because when i look at you my penis is Dublin?


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What do you call a bulletproof Irishman?
Rick O’Shea.


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Did you hear about that museum in Ireland? They made an electrified, ‘Do Not Touch’ sign so blind people would get the message as well.

Lottery Win

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Paddy won the lottery, 22 million, He went to collect his winnings and they said, Really sorry Paddy but we haven’t got enough money to pay you it all. We will give you 11 million this week and 11 million next week, Ah be Jesus says paddy. If your gonna mess me about gimme me pound back.

Metal Detector

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Did you hear about the Irish metal detector who got trapped after digging a 30 foot hole? Turns out he was wearing steel toecap boots.