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Eyes Open

in Relationship Jokes
+16 -42

Don’t you just hate it when you kiss a girl and her eyes are open. It usually means you have about 5 minutes before she regains consciousness.

New Diaper

in General Jokes
+12 -38

Have you heard about the new diaper that has been released by Apple? It’s called the iPoo.


in Dirty Jokes
+31 -57

The following conversation took place on an airplane.

Air Hostess: Would you like head-phones.
Man: Yes I would. How did you know my name was Phones?

Arab Sex Offender

in Racist Jokes
+42 -68

What do you call an Arab sex offender?

Apul Madeek-Aoud

Being Single

in Relationship Jokes
+19 -45

Fed up of being single? Fed up of dating websites? I’ve now developed the perfect strategy that is guaranteed success. Just lower your standards. My new girlfriend is actually a coconut sellotaped to a mop.

Tragic Plane Crash

in General Jokes
+8 -34

My parents recently died in a tragic plane crash. Am I still allowed to watch PG movies?