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Love Chocolate

in Racist Jokes, Relationship Jokes
+40 -76

My ex-wife used to love chocolate. I think that’s one of the reasons why she ran off with a Jamaican man.

Ex-Wife Pickup Line

in Pick Up Lines
+22 -58

You look just like my ex-wife but without all the bruises.

See You Pick Up Line

in Pick Up Lines
+23 -59

I’d love to see you take a sh*t.


in General Jokes
+7 -43

A girl from Iraq is given a purse by her father for her birthday. The dad says, “happy birthday”, the girl replies “thanks for bag, dad!”

Good Sex Pick-Up Line

in Pick Up Lines
+17 -53

Man: Do you want to have good sex?
Woman: Ehh no… Sorry?
Man: Well you should come back to my place!

Chinese Sailors

in Animal Jokes
+15 -51

Did you hear about the 6 Chinese sailors who were killed by a killer whale?
Apparently it was an orca-strated attack.