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Stephen Hawking

in Disabled Jokes
+12 -36

Can’t believe how arrogant Stephen Hawking is. Got a message saying he needed a new wheelchair but every time I call him to arrange delivery it just goes through to his answerphone.


in Dirty Jokes, Political Jokes
+19 -43

I’ve decided I’m never going to jack off in the shower ever again.

Just been informed by the police that I’ve now been given a lifetime ban from the Auschwitz Museum.

Adam and Eve

in Religious Jokes
+22 -46

Q. Why did God create Eve?
A. To iron Adam’s leaf.

Afghan Hospital

in Political Jokes
+21 -45

What’s the difference between an Afghan hospital and an Al Qaeda training camp?

I don’t know I just fly the drone.

Survey Pick-Up Line

in Pick Up Lines
+15 -40

Hi I’m doing a survey, can i have your name and phone number?

So Stupid

in Yo Mama Jokes
+19 -44

Yo mama is so stupid she wiped her ass before she took a sh*t.