Best Short Jokes All Time

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Private Number Plates

in Animal Jokes
+15 -61

I can’t afford private number plates so I’ve decided to change my name to v16 5uw.

Four Legs

in Animal Jokes
+23 -69

What has four legs and one arm?

A Doberman in a playground

Wise Man

in Religious Jokes
+25 -71

Apparently if you find a mother who’s a virgin and you give her baby small pieces of metal and perfume this makes you a ‘wise man’.


in Dirty Jokes
+17 -64

My wife swallowed my man yogurt this morning for the first time.

I don’t she’ll ever ask me to make her a sandwich again.

Worlds Dirtiest Joke

in Dirty Jokes
+36 -83

How can you tell if your sister is on her period? Your dad’s d*ck tastes different.

Black Comedy

in Racist Jokes
+20 -68

Q. Why is black comedy important?
A. Because black laughs matter.