Best Short Jokes All Time

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Colour Pick Up Line

in Pick Up Lines
+9 -62

What’s your favourite colour? [Colour], Wow me too. Looks like we are soulmates, we should get married.


in Dirty Jokes
+10 -63

I still remember the old days when I used to load my computer with a floppy. That all changed after internet p*rn was invented.

Health Problems

in Yo Mama Jokes
+5 -59

You’re mama is so fat that we’re all really concerned for her health!

Wake-Up Call

in General Jokes
+9 -64

Got a wake-up call today from the hotel receptionist where I was staying. She told me to stop wasting my life and follow my dreams before it’s too late.


in Dirty Jokes, Relationship Jokes
+35 -90

My daughters just got to the age where she’s starting to ask awkward questions about sex.
Then other day she asked “Is that the best you can do?”

New Puppy

in Animal Jokes
+28 -84

Just got back home from holiday and my new puppy has caused a lot of problems. It shat everywhere, ripped all the furniture and then starved to death.