Best Short Jokes All Time

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Sat Nav

in General Jokes
+2 -27

Just got a Sat Nav for bachelors. After every turn you get a new woman.

Cat Flap

in Animal Jokes
+25 -50

Q. How do you make a cat flap?
A. Throw it off a cliff.

New Partner

in Dirty Jokes
+21 -46

There’s two things I hate about my son’s new partner:

He’s black.

Stood Up

in Racist Jokes
+30 -55

I’ve always stood up for black people. It’s not worth getting stabbed over a seat.

Valentines Lamppost

in General Jokes
+17 -42

You know you’ve had a bad Valentine’s Day when the lamppost by the pub gets more cards and flowers than you.


in Dirty Jokes
+18 -43

I came into a lot of money last week which is unusual for me… I normally uses tissues.