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in Yo Mama Jokes
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Yo mama is so hairy….she’s got afros on her nipz.


in Racist Jokes
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Q. How many police men does it take to push a black guy down the stairs?
A. None, he fell by himself.

Easter Bunny

in Religious Jokes
+27 -72

Q. What do Jesus and the Easter Bunny have in common?

A. They both taste good with wine.

World Cup Winner

in Political Jokes, Sports Jokes
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After receiving a $5 billion donation from the Brazilian government Fifa have just announced that they would like to congratulate Brazil on winning the 2014 World Cup 3-1 against Argentina on 13th July 2014.

Black And Blue

in Dirty Jokes
+17 -63

What’s black and blue and hates sex.

Rape victim.

Rolf Harris

in Dirty Jokes, Political Jokes
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What’s the difference between Rolf Harris and an Israeli soldier?
When Rolf f*cks children he always takes them to McDonald’s first.