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Omega 3

in General Jokes
+29 -57

Just opened my kitchen cupboard and loads of Omega 3 vitamin containers fell on my head.

It’s OK though, I only have super fish oil injuries.


in Yo Mama Jokes
+23 -51

Yo mama is so fat her doctor couldn’t find her ass.


in Religious Jokes
+30 -58

Why do people celebrate Jesus going to heaven? Once you reach your 30s the last thing you want is to move back with your parents.


in General Jokes
+21 -49

Just had a great idea to create an app for unemployed people called Poke-Job. You just have to walk to the nearest unemployment office and try to catch a Jobisaur or a Careerichu.

Gay Pick-Up Line

in Pick Up Lines
+24 -52

Hi I’m gay, can I touch your boobs?


in Yo Mama Jokes
+17 -45

Yo mama is so fat her nickname is ‘lardo’.