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Funny collection of surreal jokes that will bend your perception of reality.


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I came out of a human because somebody came in a human.


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Q. Why is sand on the beach yellow?
A. Because the sea weed.

History Of Earth

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If you condense the history of the Earth into one day.

0:00 ——————->Earth and solar system is formed.
6:00 ——————->First life appears
22:35 ——————>First dinosaurs appear
22:45 ——————>First mammals appear
23:20 ——————>Dinosaurs extinct
23:59 & 58 secs—->First modern humans appear
23:59 & 59.96 secs>Jesus is born
0:00 ——————–>Finally get to see a Justin Bieber concert

Coconut Shampoo

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Anyone want some coconut shampoo? I bought some the other day but I don’t have any coconuts.

Stoner Science Class

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Teacher: Humans have over 206 bones inside them.
Student: But sir is my consciousness not inside my brain?
Teacher: Yes it is.
Student: So I think you’ll find I’m actually inside the bone.

Male Bra

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Why do men who wear bras get ridiculed? I wore one the other day when I went shopping and it was great for carrying my melons home.