Best Funny Surreal Jokes

Funny collection of surreal jokes that will bend your perception of reality.

Toy Story

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Do the toys in Toy Story bury their dead or do they just have to watch the kids play with dead toy corpses?


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I’ll never forget my 1st week as a detective, it was terrifying. I kept seeing ghosts at every crime scene but then I found out they actually use white blankets to cover the dead.

Apple Head

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Q. What’s the difference between an apple and a decapitated head?
A. I don’t come all over an apple before eating it.

Wheat Farmer

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Did you hear about the wheat farmer who got arrested by the police? Apparently he was a CEREAL killer.

Peter Pan

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What if Peter Pan and the lost boys are actually the wondering souls of abortions?

That would explain Captain Hook.

Sound of Bacon

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Hello bacon my old friend.
I’ve like to eat some more of you again.
Because an odor softly creeping.
Filled my dreams whilst I was sleeping.
And the taste that was planted in my brain, still remains.
Echoed within the sound of sizzling.