The Best Funny Wife Jokes


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chinese man rings boss “me no work I sick” boss says “when im sick I f*ck my wife try that” 2 hours later chinese man rings back “me better, you got nice house

Breast Implants

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The following conversation took place between a husband and wife at the dinner table.

Wife: Can I have $20’000 to get some breast implants to make them bigger.
Husband: Why don’t you just rub toilet paper on your nipples.
Wife: Does that really work?
Husband: Well it seems to have worked on your ass.

Wife + Computer = Trouble

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The following text messages were exchanged on a cold winters day in December.

Wife: “Windows frozen.”
Husband: “Pour some warm water over them.”
Wife: “Computer completely screwed up now.”

Wife Orgazm

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I asked my wife to let me know next time she has an orgazm but she said that she doesn’t like to call me at work.

Lip Balm

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Earlier today my wife asked me to pass her some lip balm but I ended up giving her superglue by mistake. She’s still not talking to me.


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I’ve spent the last 3 years looking for my ex-wife’s killer… Still can’t find anyone to do it.