Best Funny Surreal Jokes

Funny collection of surreal jokes that will bend your perception of reality.

Wheat Farmer

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Did you hear about the wheat farmer who got arrested by the police? Apparently he was a CEREAL killer.

Apple Head

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Q. What’s the difference between an apple and a decapitated head?
A. I don’t come all over an apple before eating it.

Coconut Shampoo

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Anyone want some coconut shampoo? I bought some the other day but I don’t have any coconuts.


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Been shittin bricks for the past few days. I accidentally swallowed some Lego over Christmas.

Pizza Hut

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A pizza is like a pie chart that shows you how much pizza you have left. This is why a lot of mathematicians work at Pizza Hut.


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Just found out from the internet that heaven isn’t real. Apparently the bright light you see when you die is actually you being reborn and coming out of another vagina.