Best Funny Surreal Jokes

Funny collection of surreal jokes that will bend your perception of reality.

Apple Head

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Q. What’s the difference between an apple and a decapitated head?
A. I don’t come all over an apple before eating it.

Coconut Shampoo

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Anyone want some coconut shampoo? I bought some the other day but I don’t have any coconuts.


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Been shittin bricks for the past few days. I accidentally swallowed some Lego over Christmas.

Pizza Hut

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A pizza is like a pie chart that shows you how much pizza you have left. This is why a lot of mathematicians work at Pizza Hut.


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Just found out from the internet that heaven isn’t real. Apparently the bright light you see when you die is actually you being reborn and coming out of another vagina.

Mysteriously Vanish

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Don’t you just hate it when your clothes mysteriously vanish and you get arrested for being half-naked in public. That’s the last time I ever wear Bermuda shorts again.