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Love Chocolate

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My ex-wife used to love chocolate. I think that’s one of the reasons why she ran off with a Jamaican man.


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Why do brides wear white?

So the dishwasher matches the refrigerator.


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The following conversation took place between a husband and wife.

Husband: It’s a bit muggy tonight my love.
Wife: If you’ve put all our mugs in the garden again I’m gonna divorce you.
Husband: *Drinks a sip of tea from plant pot.*


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The following conversation took place at a church wedding:

Priest: Repeat after me.
Groom: After me!!
Priest: Is this guy serious??
Bride: No his name is Bruce.


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My wife shouted at me today for forgetting to take the lamb out the freezer. Sadly it couldn’t withstand the freezing temperatures and died after a couple of hours.


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My daughters just got to the age where she’s starting to ask awkward questions about sex.
Then other day she asked “Is that the best you can do?”