Best Funny Relationship Jokes

Funny short relationship jokes that pokes fun at relationships and marriage. Also includes numerous jokes about women and men.


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Had a talk with my son earlier today about masterbation and how it’s totally natural. I also told him to make sure that in future he knocks on my door before he goes into my room.

Time Of Year

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I love this time of year. You can slam your laptop shut when your girlfriend walks into the room and you don’t get any disgusted looks.


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Just broke up with my girlfriend after I caught her lying. She was lying under another man.

Ungrateful Son

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I can’t believe how ungrateful my 4 year old son is. I took him out for a ride on his sledge this morning but after 10 minutes I looked back and saw he was missing. It was lucky I had to stop for petrol otherwise I may not have noticed and it would have taken ages to drive back and find him.


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My wife recently told me that sex is a lot better on holiday… I was really upset when I got the postcard.

Ikea Cabinet

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Q. What does an Ikea cabinet and a marriage have in common?
A. One screw out of place and the whole thing falls apart.