Best Funny Political Jokes

Political jokes and one liners that make fun of the ruling elite. Also includes some hilarious Coronavirus jokes.

Jewish Blood

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Just found out that I have Jewish blood in my family. My German grandfather was a scientist in the 1940s and he has a load of lab equipment in his basement.


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Just been given a fine by the police. I normally love having a cigarette after sex but apparently its illegal now to smoke with a 16 year old in the car.


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If Catholics are really against abortion then why do they hate gay people? Gay people never have abortions.

UK School

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I is very proud dat I went 2 school in da UK. I fink out of all 17 countries in da world UK is da best.


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I heard on the radio today that the average person only recycles 3 bottles of wine per year! How dare you? Every week I recycle dozens of wine bottles and beer cans. Come on people!!! I can’t fix global warming by myself.

Obama Road Crossing?

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Why did Barack Obama cross the road?

So he could dish out stolen tax money to his welfare queens.