Best Funny Political Jokes

Political jokes and one liners that make fun of the ruling elite. Also includes Obama jokes and some of the crazy scenarios being president can sometimes produce.

World Cup Winner

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After receiving a $5 billion donation from the Brazilian government Fifa have just announced that they would like to congratulate Brazil on winning the 2014 World Cup 3-1 against Argentina on 13th July 2014.

Rolf Harris

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What’s the difference between Rolf Harris and an Israeli soldier?
When Rolf f*cks children he always takes them to McDonald’s first.

New Presidential Oath

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I do bigly swear that I will grab the office of president of the United States by the pussy, screw you brown people!!

Sexy Politics

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Can’t believe how sexy politics has become since Barack Obama took office. When he was on the TV the other day I think I must have jerked off about 3 times.