Best Funny Political Jokes

Political jokes and one liners that make fun of the ruling elite. Also includes some hilarious Coronavirus jokes.


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Scientists have just discovered the ultimate vaccine for killing Covid19.

It’s called ‘Chuck Norris’, he can kill anything, any place any time.

Apple Crumble

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Q. How do you make apple crumble?

A. Release photos of children being beaten inside Chinese iPhone factories.


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Saw a female police officer stripping last night at a club.

I had no idea the recession had hit the police force this hard!

Brown and sticky

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What’s brown and sticky?

Barack Obama after a wank.


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My cousin is such a hypocrite. He said he was against the death penalty but last week he killed himself.

School Curriculum

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The following conversation took place in a government meeting regarding the school curriculum.

Adviser: So what are we gonna teach the kids?
Politician: I’ve decided to go with Pythagoras’s theorem.
Adviser: But what about car repairs, applying for loans, buying a house, starting a business or doing taxes?
Politician: No!! Finding the length of a triangle is more important.