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Priest Told Me Chatup Line

in Pick Up Lines, Religious Jokes
+17 -50

I have a really small peenis, at least that’s what the priest told me.

The Pizza

in Dirty Jokes
+11 -44

I like to call my penis ‘The Pizza’. Not because it’s twelve inches, but because its covered in cheese, and the occasional mushroom.

Worlds Laziest Fish

in Animal Jokes, Racist Jokes
+54 -87

Apparently the worlds laziest fish was discovered last week, it only swims 1 inch per day. The fish lives in the Black Sea, no surprise there!

Master Bates

in Dirty Jokes
+10 -43

Q. During masterbaytion what is the most sensitive part of the body?
A. The ears.

Message Pick Up

in Pick Up Lines
+13 -46

Can you send me a message because then I can tell my friends I’ve received a message from an angel?


in Relationship Jokes
+9 -43

My wife’s a bit like Pinocchio. Every time she tells me lies, her nose swells up.