Best Short Jokes All Time

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Mysteriously Vanish

in Surreal Jokes
+8 -39

Don’t you just hate it when your clothes mysteriously vanish and you get arrested for being half-naked in public. That’s the last time I ever wear Bermuda shorts again.

Korean Restaurant

in Racist Jokes
+30 -61

Went to a really good Korean restaurant last night. The meatballs were the dogs b*llocks.

Windows Password Pickup

in Pick Up Lines
+12 -43

Hi, last night my computer wouldn’t allow me to reset my windows password because it needed numbers. Can I have your number?

Black Jews

in Racist Jokes
+92 -123

Q. Why are black Jews the worst treated race on the planet?
A. Because they have to go to the back of the oven.

Love Minorities

in Racist Jokes, Relationship Jokes
+45 -76

I love minorities. My wife is actually an intelligent woman.

Deaf TV

in Disabled Jokes
+6 -37

Why do deaf people watch TV late at night?
Because they can’t hear their alarm go off in the morning.