Best Short Jokes All Time

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Childs Book

in Surreal Jokes
+15 -51

If a child can read then doesn’t that make every book a child’s book?

Going Badly

in General Jokes
+5 -41

How do you know when your date is going badly?
You accidentally spike your own drink with rohypnol.


in Dirty Jokes
+27 -63

I shagged a bird last night. Keep it quiet though, I don’t want her to find out.

RIP Dinosaurs

in General Jokes
+16 -52

Just heard on the radio that the dinosaurs died 65 million years ago on this exact day.

Rip Dinosaurs
26th April 64,997,984 BC

Ex-Wife Pickup Line

in Pick Up Lines
+22 -58

You look just like my ex-wife but without all the bruises.


in Political Jokes
+8 -44

Cant belive how bad things have become in the world recently. People have no respek anymore. Even in the dictionary the word respek has been taken out.