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in Political Jokes
+7 -45

Beware of Donald Trump. He’s always plaCeing sUblimiNal messages inTo his speeches.

Love 69

in Racist Jokes
+35 -73

Why do Chinese people love trying a 69?
Because sizzling beef in Szechuan sauce is their favourite meal.


in Relationship Jokes
+35 -73

Why do brides wear white?

So the dishwasher matches the refrigerator.

Pokeman Chatup Line

in Pick Up Lines
+7 -45

STDs are like Pokeman… you’ve got to catch them all. That’s why you need to come home with me tonight.

Paki in a skip

in Racist Jokes
+14 -53

What do you call a Paki in a skip?


Black Tree

in Racist Jokes
+23 -62

Q. How do you get a black man out of a tree?
A. Untie the rope and slowly lower him down making sure not to damage any of his tree surgeon tools.