The Best Funny Virus jokes


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Things that can drive wife crazy during lockdown:

-Not saying sorry
-Saying sorry and not meaning it
-Saying sorry
-Not saying anything
-Saying anything

Wife Like Computer

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Three reasons why my wife is like a computer.

1. She’s good at remembering credit card details.
2. She knows everything about every subject.
3. She always complains about having a virus whenever you try and do anything dirty with her.

corona virus pick-up line

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have you got corona virus? because I cant stop looking at a-choo!!

Stephen Hawking

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World renowned scientist Stephen Hawking passed away earlier today after catching a virus. Microsoft have issued an apology for having bad security on Windows 10.


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Went to the doctors toady and he told me I have Covid19. I asked him for a 2nd opinion and then he told me I was an ugly cunt as well.