The Best Funny Irish Jokes

Lottery Win

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Paddy won the lottery, 22 million, He went to collect his winnings and they said, Really sorry Paddy but we haven’t got enough money to pay you it all. We will give you 11 million this week and 11 million next week, Ah be Jesus says paddy. If your gonna mess me about gimme me pound back.

Bowel Problems

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33% of Irish People have bowel problems and only go to the toilet once per week….

That’s One Turd.

Irish Inventions

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Top 5 worst ever Irish inventions.

1. Inflatable dartboard.
2. Diet water.
3. Helicopter ejector seat.
4. Wooden barbecue.
5. Non-stick toilet paper.

Metal Detector

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Did you hear about the Irish metal detector who got trapped after digging a 30 foot hole? Turns out he was wearing steel toecap boots.

Irish Coffee

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Q. What’s the difference between an Irish Coffee and a normal coffee?
A. Irish Coffee also includes a free potato.

Irish Schools

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The Irish government has recently announced that they are going to save money on lollipop men and women by moving schools to the other side of the road.