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Funny collection of surreal jokes that will bend your perception of reality.


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Just watched an incredible documentary on cocaine. From now on i’m going to watch all documentaries this way.

The Ultimate Question

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Why is there a light in the fridge and not in the freezer?

Ikea Trousers

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It’s amazing how quickly the sales staff at Ikea come to “assist you” once you take off your trousers and get into one of their beds.

Night Out

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Had a really great night out last night according to my police report.

Fun Fact

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Fun fact. If humans held hands around the equator of the earth most of them would drown.

Ouija board

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The following conversation took place while using a Ouija board.

Me: Will I ever find true love?
Ouija board: W O U L D U L I K E S O M E T E A
Me: Not now grandma, I’m busy.