Best Funny Surreal Jokes

Funny collection of surreal jokes that will bend your perception of reality.

Kick boxing

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Feeling quite angry, just lost to my computer at Chess but it was no match for me at kickboxing.


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I’ve lost my home, I’ve lost control and I can’t see any escape. Definitely time to get a new keyboard.

Strange Dream

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Had a strange dream last night where I ate a gigantic marshmallow. When i woke up my pillow was missing.

Fun idea

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Fun idea. If you have no kids hire a babysitter anyway and tell them the kids are asleep upstairs and not to be disturbed. When you come home ask them why the kids are missing.

Swimming Pool

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Got thrown out of my local swimming pool today for urinating. I probably could have got away with it if I was in the pool and not on the diving board.

Great Power

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With great power comes great electricity bill.