Best Funny Sports Jokes

Funny short sports jokes mostly about football but also includes jokes about various stupid sports stars.

London Marathon

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Did anyone else see the London Marathon the other day? Seems a bit cruel to get hundreds of Ethiopians and Kenyans to run around for miles and then give them an empty silver plate at the end.

Tesco Burgers

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Tesco Value Burgers – Low in fat high in Shergar.

What do you put on your burgers? A fiver each way.

Oscar Pistorious

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Oscar Pistorius may be guilty but to be fair girls spend f*cking ages in the bathroom!

Manchester United Beep

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What’s red and beeps? The Manchester United open-top bus reversing back in the garage.


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Manchester United.

Table Tennis

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I got injured playing table tennis yesterday. It’s great having the extra surface area but
the added weight can really hurt your back.