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If by “crunches” you mean the sound my mouth makes while eating bacon then yes, I do “crunches”.

Mental Patient

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The following conversation took place between a mental patient and a doctor.

Patient: Doctor please help me. I keep thinking I’m John McEnroe!
Doctor: You can’t be serious!!

Oscar Pistorious

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Oscar Pistorius may be guilty but to be fair girls spend f*cking ages in the bathroom!

Oscar Pistorious Bail

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Since his release on bail Oscar Pistorious has decided to spend the weekend clay pigeon shooting to relax. So far he’s accidentally killed 2 elephants and shot a Jeep that was on safari.

Manchester United

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Just signed a £250,000 per week contract to play for Manchester United.

I just need to get them to sign it now.

Bolt Controller

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Q. What do Usain Bolt and a Malaysian air-traffic controller have in common?
A. They both sweat a lot during work.