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Funny short sports jokes mostly about football but also includes jokes about various stupid sports stars.


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Played golf earlier today after taking LSD, it was crazy!!

David Moyes

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David Moyes recently appeared at a charity event where he said “AIDS was a terrible disease”. That’s rich coming from him, at least AIDS managed to get into Europe.

Tennis Witches

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Did you hear the latest story about some major tennis players being involved in witchcraft?? Goran, even he’s a witch.


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Christano Ronaldo has just donated $10 million to a rape clinic in Los Angeles. At first they refused his money but he wouldn’t take ‘no’ as an answer and he insisted.

Brown Speed

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Q. What’s brown, 12 inches long, and can do the 100 metres in under 10 seconds?

A. Usain Bolt’s dick.

World Cup

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Gave my wife £200 today so she can go away and leave me in peace to watch the world cup.

“I won’t need that much” she said.

“You will” I said. “It lasts for 5 weeks”