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Funny short sports jokes mostly about football but also includes jokes about various stupid sports stars.

Racist Football Chant

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Apparently racist chanting was heard at the England training ground earlier today. The FA have threatened to remove John Terry from the squad if he does it again.

Tennis Witches

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Did you hear the latest story about some major tennis players being involved in witchcraft?? Goran, even he’s a witch.

Brown Speed

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Q. What’s brown, 12 inches long, and can do the 100 metres in under 10 seconds?

A. Usain Bolt’s dick.

Man United

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How many man united fans does it take to pave up a driveway? Depends how thin you slice them.


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Just made a small fortune betting on the Euro 2016 football championships.

Unfortunately I spent a big fortune placing my bets.

World Cup Winner

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After receiving a $5 billion donation from the Brazilian government Fifa have just announced that they would like to congratulate Brazil on winning the 2014 World Cup 3-1 against Argentina on 13th July 2014.