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World Cup

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3 similarities between the World Cup and having sex.

1. People take their shirts off and hug each other quite a lot.
2. Brazilians always look good.
3. You often see a lot of dribbling in the box.


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The first time I met my wife, I knew she was a keeper. She was wearing massive gloves.

John Terry Donation

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In a bid to promote his image and ease race relations John Terry has kindly donated 100 trumpets to an African orphanage in Nigeria. Apparently he was quoted as saying “Blacks are naturally talented at music and with their big lips they should be great at trumpet playing”.

World Cup Defeat

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Germans have lost in Russia again. When will they learn? At least they didn’t kill any Jews this time.

Manchester United

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Just signed a £250,000 per week contract to play for Manchester United.

I just need to get them to sign it now.

Wayne Rooney Hair

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Why did the ‘hare’ cross the road?

To avoid being surgically attached to Wayne Rooney’s scalp.