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Funny short sports jokes mostly about football but also includes jokes about various stupid sports stars.

World Cup

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3 similarities between the World Cup and having sex.

1. People take their shirts off and hug each other quite a lot.
2. Brazilians always look good.
3. You often see a lot of dribbling in the box.

Martial Arts sickness

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What sickness does a martial artist get? Kung flu.


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The first time I met my wife, I knew she was a keeper. She was wearing massive gloves.

Manchester United

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Just signed a £250,000 per week contract to play for Manchester United.

I just need to get them to sign it now.

World Cup Defeat

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Germans have lost in Russia again. When will they learn? At least they didn’t kill any Jews this time.

World Cup Win

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France won the world cup yesterday in impressive fashion.

It’s amazing what you can achieve with only 70 million Frenchmen, 500 million Africans, a corrupt referee and corrupt VAR.