Best Funny Political Jokes

Political jokes and one liners that make fun of the ruling elite. Also includes Obama jokes and some of the crazy scenarios being president can sometimes produce.

School Results

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Schools have come under pressure recently as large numbers of students have been getting bad exam results. On the plus side pregnancy test results are at an all-time high.

Drug Dealers

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Why do people always assume drug dealers are dangerous people who carry guns? Fedex drivers are perfectly respectable people and they deliver drugs all the time.

America Presidential Slogan

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Ban pre-shredded cheese…. Make America grate again!!


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Heard on the news this morning that Donald Trump’s library caught fire last night. Apparently over 2,000 coloring books were destroyed.

Airline Pilot

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Getting a job as an airline pilot is really difficult, especially if your name is Mr G. Hadd.


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Barrack Obama won the election on a platform of “change”.
I say “what change?”, what’s so new about a black guy who can’t pay his bills and has massive debt problems?