Best Funny Political Jokes

Political jokes and one liners that make fun of the ruling elite. Also includes some hilarious Coronavirus jokes.

Airport Security

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Just had the following conversation at the airport

Security: Do you mind if we search your luggage?
Me: It depends, what are you looking for?
Security: Drugs
Me: Well in that case, no!

Angry Birds

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The government has recently been heavily criticized for spying on people who are playing on Angry Birds. In their defense people who hate pigs have been involved in a lot of terrorist incidents in recent years.

Danger To Society

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Why is it that people who own guns are considered a danger to society but it’s perfectly acceptable for someone to own a meat clever and a human-sized freezer?

Airline Pilot

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Getting a job as an airline pilot is really difficult, especially if your name is Mr G. Hadd.

Careers Guidance

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Getting career advice from someone who works as a careers guidance counselor is like getting fashion advice from a homeless person.

Drug Dealers

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Why do people always assume drug dealers are dangerous people who carry guns? Fedex drivers are perfectly respectable people and they deliver drugs all the time.