Best Funny Political Jokes

Political jokes and one liners that make fun of the ruling elite. Also includes Obama jokes and some of the crazy scenarios being president can sometimes produce.


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Think there’s a problem with my iPhone. The battery dies quicker than a black guy in the back of a police van.

Racist Attacker

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Read in the newspaper today that the police are looking for a racist attacker. I called them up to ask how much money they were offering but apparently it wasn’t a job advertisement.

Computer Game

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Q. What was Adolf Hilter’s favorite computer game?
A. Mein Kraft

Obama Bar

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An illegal alien, a Muslim and a communist go into a bar.

The bartender asks,

“What can I get for you President Obama?”

Greatest President

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Q. Why is President Clinton the greatest president of all time?
A. Because he was always HARD at work.

Angry Birds

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The government has recently been heavily criticized for spying on people who are playing on Angry Birds. In their defense people who hate pigs have been involved in a lot of terrorist incidents in recent years.