Best Funny Political Jokes

Political jokes and one liners that make fun of the ruling elite. Also includes Obama jokes and some of the crazy scenarios being president can sometimes produce.

Coldest Winter

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This year has seen the coldest winter since records began for countries in the northern hemisphere. It’s been so cold that numerous politicians have actually been seen with their hands in their own pockets.

Flying Pig

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Q. What’s the difference between a flying pig and a politician?
A. The letter F.

Health Service

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The health service in this country is a disgrace. My doctor told me to run 3 miles a day for a month. I’m now completely lost and 90 miles away from home.


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Did you know that a group of baboons is called a congress…

Well that explain it all now doesn’t it


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My psychiatrist recently told me I should stop avoiding conflicts so I’ve just booked a holiday to Syria.


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Think there’s a problem with my iPhone. The battery dies quicker than a black guy in the back of a police van.