Best Funny Political Jokes

Political jokes and one liners that make fun of the ruling elite. Also includes Obama jokes and some of the crazy scenarios being president can sometimes produce.

Brown and sticky

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What’s brown and sticky?

Barack Obama after a wank.

End Poverty

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Every year charities spend millions trying to end poverty and nothing ever changes. Maybe it’s time to accept the facts. If you live in the middle of a desert and the nearest supermarket is hundreds of miles away MOVE SOMEWHERE ELSE!!

Polluting the Earth

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The level of pollution in the world today is becoming unbearable. I feel ashamed to be human. Only the other day I opened a can of sardines to find it was full of oil and all the fish were dead.


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My cousin is such a hypocrite. He said he was against the death penalty but last week he killed himself.


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Saw a female police officer stripping last night at a club.

I had no idea the recession had hit the police force this hard!

School Curriculum

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The following conversation took place in a government meeting regarding the school curriculum.

Adviser: So what are we gonna teach the kids?
Politician: I’ve decided to go with Pythagoras’s theorem.
Adviser: But what about car repairs, applying for loans, buying a house, starting a business or doing taxes?
Politician: No!! Finding the length of a triangle is more important.