Best Funny Pick Up Lines

Funny pick up lines that are guaranteed to bring you success with the ladies every time.

Shower Chat-up Line

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Man: Do you shower after you have sex?
Woman: Yes of course.
Man: Well maybe you should have sex more often.

Next Girlfriend

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Do I know you? Cause you look a lot like my next girlfriend.

Wet Dreem

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I had a wet dreem about someone who looked just like you last night. I pissed myself laughing when I hit you with a car.

Girls legs

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Great legs what time do they open?

Environment Pickup Line

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Guy: Hi do you care about the environment?
Girl: Yes.
Guy: Well maybe we can take showers together to save water.

Hi There Chatup Line

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Man: “Hi there!”
Woman: “Sorry I have a boyfriend.”
Man: “I said hi, not suck my dick!!”