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Sat Nav

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Just got a Sat Nav for bachelors. After every turn you get a new woman.

Nine to Five

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Really hate my nine to five job. Starting work at 4:51 is ridiculous

Gay Adoption

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Me and my partner have come under heavy criticism lately after being the first couple in our village to do a gay adoption. I just don’t see why I should spend the next 16 years of my life raising a child that looks gay.

New Diaper

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Have you heard about the new diaper that has been released by Apple? It’s called the iPoo.


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Just had a great idea to create an app for unemployed people called Poke-Job. You just have to walk to the nearest unemployment office and try to catch a Jobisaur or a Careerichu.


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Can’t believe how crazy it is out there. Just killed 4 zombies, there’s loads of them walking around carrying sweats.