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Getting Older

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You know you’re getting old when the hairs on your ears are longer than the ones on your head.

RIP Dinosaurs

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Just heard on the radio that the dinosaurs died 65 million years ago on this exact day.

Rip Dinosaurs
26th April 64,997,984 BC


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A girl from Iraq is given a purse by her father for her birthday. The dad says, “happy birthday”, the girl replies “thanks for bag, dad!”

Going Badly

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How do you know when your date is going badly?
You accidentally spike your own drink with rohypnol.

First Ever Date

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I went on my first ever date with a girl last night, I treated her like a princess. It took the fire brigade 3 hours to cut us out after we crashed in the tunnel.

Milk Sheep

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Q. How do you milk sheep?
A. With iPhone accessories.