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Went to the gym last night and lost 4 stones in one day.

I accidentally ripped my leg off on the squat machine.


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What’s the difference between ‘highly flammable’ and ‘inflammable’? I can never remember… Arghhh my eyes!!


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Why are some diseases more acceptable than others? When you have cancer you get compassion and sympathy but when you’re an alcoholic you get shouted at and told thrown out of the ladies toilets at McDonalds.


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You know you’ve had a good sh*t at work when you come back and your screensaver is on.

Star Wars

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I haven’t seen the new Star Wars film yet but when I do it’s gonna be really annoying because of all the spoilers people have been posting about Princess Leia dying.


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The following conversation took place at a dentists.

Dentist: Say Ahhh!!
Patient: Why?
Dentist: My cat died earlier this morning.