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Gay Guy

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If a gay guy goes into a coma does that make him a vegetable or a fruit?


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Went to McDonalds yesterday and the cashier had a black eye.
I made sure I spoke loud and clear when ordering because she obviously had trouble listening.

MC Hammer

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Went to a party last night at MC Hammer’s house. It was terrible, he kept getting really paranoid about people touching things.


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I’d just like to thank all those people who have taken the time to put beautiful flowers by the side of the road. It really brightens up my drive to work.


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What’s the difference between ‘highly flammable’ and ‘inflammable’? I can never remember… Arghhh my eyes!!

Gay Adoption

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Me and my partner have come under heavy criticism lately after being the first couple in our village to do a gay adoption. I just don’t see why I should spend the next 16 years of my life raising a child that looks gay.