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Sad Coffee

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Q. Why was the coffee sad?

A. Because it was depresso


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Why is it that when a baby drinks from a bottle and falls asleep everyone thinks it’s cute but when I do it I get arrested at my local bus station and people call me an alcoholic?


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Life is like a box of chocolates. If you’re fat it doesn’t last very long.

Car Horn

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Loving the new mp3 car horn I’ve recently installed. It’s amazing how much quicker people get out of your way when they start hearing gunshots.

New Baby

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Apparently when someone messages you a picture of their new baby it’s offensive to send a message back saying “Better luck next time”!

Justin Bieber

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Went to the barbers today and asked to get my hair cut like Justin Bieber. He totally shaved my head bald. I said “What the hell have you done. Justin Bieber doesn’t have his hair cut like this!!”, the barber said “He would if he came into my shop.”