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Sad Coffee

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Q. Why was the coffee sad?

A. Because it was depresso


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Why is it that when a baby drinks from a bottle and falls asleep everyone thinks it’s cute but when I do it I get arrested at my local bus station and people call me an alcoholic?


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Life is like a box of chocolates. If you’re fat it doesn’t last very long.

Car Horn

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Loving the new mp3 car horn I’ve recently installed. It’s amazing how much quicker people get out of your way when they start hearing gunshots.

Lifes Great Mysteries

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A recent study has revealed the top 3 greatest mysteries of life that people struggle with on a daily basis.

1. If sliced bread is so great why is the person who invented it not famous?
2. If blind people wear sunglasses then why don’t deaf people wear earmuffs?
3. If Chinese people all look the same, why do they need passports?

New Baby

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Apparently when someone messages you a picture of their new baby it’s offensive to send a message back saying “Better luck next time”!