Best Funny Disabled Jokes

Features a collection of disabled jokes that tries to bring a bit of light hardheartedness to many physical problems we all eventually go through such as being sick or being in a wheelchair.

Stephen Hawking

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World renowned scientist Stephen Hawking passed away earlier today after catching a virus. Microsoft have issued an apology for having bad security on Windows 10.

Deaf Woman

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Q. Why do deaf women wear tight jeans?
A. So you can read their lips.

Stephen Hawking

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Can’t believe how arrogant Stephen Hawking is. Got a message saying he needed a new wheelchair but every time I call him to arrange delivery it just goes through to his answerphone.


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Q. Why do zombies never eat disabled people?

A. Cause zombies don’t like vegetables


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The following conversation took place while a hemophiliac was shopping.

Shop Assistant: Can I help you sir?
Hemophiliac: No thanks, I’m just bruising.