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Sons Girlfriend

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My son walked in today with his new girlfriend.

“This is Sarah,” he burst out.

“I’ve heard a lot about you,” I smiled.

“Really? All good I hope,” she smirked.

“Oh yes, he’s a lucky boy,” I replied. “It was a year before his mother let me do her in the ass.”

Brown And Sticky

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What’s brown and sticky?

Deaf Woman

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Q. Why do deaf women wear tight jeans?
A. So you can read their lips.


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Just saved a woman tonight from the shame of prostitution. I didn’t pay her.


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I’ve decided I’m never going to jack off in the shower ever again.

Just been informed by the police that I’ve now been given a lifetime ban from the Auschwitz Museum.

Paper Difference

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Q. What’s the difference between toilet paper and news paper?
A. Toilet paper is brown and smells bad.