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Chinese Sailors

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Did you hear about the 6 Chinese sailors who were killed by a killer whale?
Apparently it was an orca-strated attack.

Worlds Laziest Fish

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Apparently the worlds laziest fish was discovered last week, it only swims 1 inch per day. The fish lives in the Black Sea, no surprise there!

Private Number Plates

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I can’t afford private number plates so I’ve decided to change my name to v16 5uw.

Four Legs

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What has four legs and one arm?

A Doberman in a playground


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My wife shouted at me today for forgetting to take the lamb out the freezer. Sadly it couldn’t withstand the freezing temperatures and died after a couple of hours.

New Puppy

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Just got back home from holiday and my new puppy has caused a lot of problems. It shat everywhere, ripped all the furniture and then starved to death.