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Two birds were sitting on a tree and one looked at the other and said, ‘Dam today really FLEW by’.

Cat Flap

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Q. How do you make a cat flap?
A. Throw it off a cliff.

Dog In Korea

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Q. What is the most popular name for a dog in Korea?
A. Starter


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PETS (People for the Ethical Treatment of Salad)

[throws salad into a garden]
Go home…you’re free now.

Sick Dog

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Got my sick dog put down earlier today. I was worried it was gonna be expensive but they actually did it for free and they gave me a bag of prawn crackers with 3 spring rolls.


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The following conversation took place in a park.

Person 1 “Is that ur dog?”
Person 2 “No I had to adopt him. I spent years trying to make one but in the end wasn’t able to conceive.”