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Chimpanzee Attack

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Did you hear about the 3 zoo employees who were injured recently? They got attacked by a chimpanzee that set fire to it’s own feces using a discarded cigarette. Apparently they were rushed to the hospital with TURD degree burns.

Discarded Coin

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Most people think that when you find a discarded coin in your house it got there by accident but I actually think it was brought there by spiders trying to pay you rent.


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Just bought some venison from the supermarket, its dead deer.

TV Lies

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Can’t believe how much my TV lies. Put my pet turtles in the microwave earlier today and they still can’t do any Karate.


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Whats white and swings from tree to tree?

A spunkey


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Q. Why do Pandas have black eyes?
A. Because they can’t satisfy their man.