The Best Funny Wife Jokes

Compulsive Gambler

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My wife broke up with me recently because I’m a compulsive gambler. All I can think about is how to win her back.

Going out

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My wife was complaining the other day saying that I never take her anywhere expensive anymore. So I said “come on, get in the car we’re going to the petrol station”.


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Did you hear about that new device that can make your car 95% quieter? It fits straight over your wife’s mouth.

Like Best

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The following conversation took place between a husband and wife whilst in the bedroom.

Wife: What do you like best my face or my sexy body?
Husband: Your sense of humor.

Bottle Top

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Just spent the last hour tightening every bottle top and jar in my house. That will teach my wife for saying she doesn’t need me anymore.


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A lion would never cheat on his wife but a Tiger Wood.