The Best Funny Gay Jokes

Gay Midget

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Did you hear about the gay midget? He finally came out the closet.

Gay Agenda

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I’m fed up of public schools promoting the ‘gay agenda’. My son came home from school the other day and he said they were talking about homo sapiens in class.

Lesbian Viagra

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Apparantly some butch lesbians have now started taking viagra to become harder!!

Gay Adoption

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Me and my partner have come under heavy criticism lately after being the first couple in our village to do a gay adoption. I just don’t see why I should spend the next 16 years of my life raising a child that looks gay.

Best dads

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Q. Why do gays make the best dads?
A. Because they know where all the parks are.


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Can’t believe how homophobic the Wikipedia page on homosexuality is especially after Orlando. It says that gays are f*cking assh*les.