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New Diaper

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Have you heard about the new diaper that has been released by Apple? It’s called the iPoo.


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Just had a great idea to create an app for unemployed people called Poke-Job. You just have to walk to the nearest unemployment office and try to catch a Jobisaur or a Careerichu.

Cooking Time

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I’m not bad at cooking or anything …but how long is pasta supposed to cook in the toaster?


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If every day is a gift then in 2016 I’ve mostly been getting socks.

RIP Dinosaurs

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Just heard on the radio that the dinosaurs died 65 million years ago on this exact day.

Rip Dinosaurs
26th April 64,997,984 BC

First Ever Date

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I went on my first ever date with a girl last night, I treated her like a princess. It took the fire brigade 3 hours to cut us out after we crashed in the tunnel.