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Car Insurance

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Just managed to save a load of money on my car insurance. After I had a crash I just drove away really fast and then went into hiding for 3 weeks.


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Just been sacked from my new job at Starbucks. Apparently ground coffee isn’t suppose to contain any dirt from the ground.

Help The Homeless

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Just started my own charity to help the homeless. If any girls need a room please send an email with a photo attached to [email protected]


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My sarcasm is so advanced that people think I’m really retarded.


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The following conversation took place between 2 pirates.

Pirate 1: I heard its your 30th birthday today.
Pirate 2: Aye matey.
Pirate 1: Wow, 80, you look a lot younger.

Save Time

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Just discovered a great way to save time in the morning. I now eat breakfast before I go to bed.