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Sat Nav

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Just got a Sat Nav for bachelors. After every turn you get a new woman.


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Q. What did Santa say to the girls standing on the street corner?
A. Ho, Ho, Ho.

Omega 3

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Just opened my kitchen cupboard and loads of Omega 3 vitamin containers fell on my head.

It’s OK though, I only have super fish oil injuries.


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Some random woman just stopped me in the street and told me a joke. It had all the great ingredients of a joke like rape, domestic abuse and general suffering but I didn’t get the punchline. Something about donating £2 a month.

New Diaper

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Have you heard about the new diaper that has been released by Apple? It’s called the iPoo.


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Just had a great idea to create an app for unemployed people called Poke-Job. You just have to walk to the nearest unemployment office and try to catch a Jobisaur or a Careerichu.