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Italian Restaurant

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Just had the following conversation at my local Italian restaurant.

Waitress: Sorry for keeping you waiting sir.
Me: That’s ok. Did you know that this salt pot contains 22,358 individual grains of salt?

Candle Holder

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Went to the supermarket today to find a candle holder but they didn’t have one so I decided to buy a cake instead.


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I can never remember if its spelt laying or lying. Anyway I just hit an old woman with my car and she’s doing that in a car-park at the moment.


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Just finished charging my iPhone. Hopefully the battery won’t d

Gay Adoption

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Me and my partner have come under heavy criticism lately after being the first couple in our village to do a gay adoption. I just don’t see why I should spend the next 16 years of my life raising a child that looks gay.

New Friend

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When someone stops me to ask for directions I always give them directions to my house. Then I say to myself “See you in 20 minutes my new best friend”.