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Gordon Ramsay

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If Gordon Ramsay made sat-navs:

“F*ck off you brainless asshole, you were supposed to turn right!!”


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If my grandmother ever found out how much I spent on her funeral. She would be spinning in her ditch.


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During the first few weeks at my new job someone kept stealing my sandwiches from the work fridge. One day I decided to make them a cat food sandwich, the stealing has now stopped.

Richest Cheese

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Q. What’s the richest cheese in the world?

A. Paris Stilton

iPhone 7

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Just paid $1000 for an iPhone 7. Airplane mode better take me to Miami.

Guy From Capri

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There once was a guy from Capri, who tried to pee over a tree , he peed so high it fell in his eye, now the poor c*nt cant see.