The Best Funny Black Jokes


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Q. How do you stop a black person from robbing your house?
A. Stick a sign on your front door saying “Job Center”!

Ginger Lady

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A ginger lady at work recently announced that she was having a baby with her black boyfriend. When discussing possible baby names my suggestion of “Terry the Chocolate Orange” was apparently ‘offensive’ could lead to me getting ‘fired’.


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A black guy at work today asked me if we have a ‘coloured’ printer. I said “Hey man, its 2015, you can use any printer you want”.


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Why’s it better to be black than to be gay?
Because when you’re black you don’t have to tell your parents.

texas sheriff

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What did the texas sheriff say when he saw a dead black guy with 32 bullet-holes in him?
Worst case of suicide i’ve ever seen.